Agency leader speakers

Hear from inspiring agency leaders with stories to share

You’ll hear from agency leaders talking about real, practical issues you can get your teeth into now. This is just the current line-up – there’s more to come!

Vicki Young

CEO & Founder, Nalla

How do you keep your team close when they're not in the studio? Nalla's Vicki Young shares her approach to winning with embedded or co-located teams.

    Jonny Tooze

    Founder and MD, Lab

    How can neuromarketing and psychology transform your agency's offering? Lab's Jonny Tooze will show how 'human insight' could accelerate your results.

      Nikki Gatenby

      Owner / MD, Propellernet

      What's the secret to a highly engaged team? Propellernet is one of the UK's top 10 'Best Places to Work'. Nikki will show you how happy teams have helped her treble margin and quadruple revenue.

        Simon Ensor

        Managing Director, Yellowball

        Are you stalling growth by focusing on profit? Yellowball's Simon will be lifting the lid on where you should ‘invest’ – perhaps even sacrificing short term profitability – to facilitate longer term growth.

          Alex Duffy

          Waypoint Partners

          Money might not make you happy, but for agencies it can solve a lot of problems. Waypoint Partners' Alex Duffy will be showing you the different ways you can raise capital for your agency – and the smart things you can use it for. (Funding R&D, buying another agency, growing your team... the list goes on.) Alex will be around to give you tips on the best way to structure a fund raise, and how to get investors to say yes when it matters.

            Stefano Marrone

            MD, NuccoBrain

            Stefano will be sharing his adventure selling his agency NuccoBrain – useful if you're planning to exit. He'll also share his perspective on how to innovate in "old school" markets like public sector and B2B that can be boring but lucrative.

              Graeme McGowan

              Creative Partner, Jamhot

              In this candid, informal discussion – Graeme will be explaining "How Not To Grow A Studio" From maintaining profit margins of 40%, starting an events series and recovering from burn-out, Graeme will explain how Jamhot went from two friends to hiring a team – and back to two friends again! Everybody will take something different from this interesting and human journey.

                John Haggis

                Consultant Solicitor, Keystone Law

                Agency lawyer John will be here, running a free drop-in surgery for advice on your legal conundrums. John has over ten years’ experience advising clients operating within the advertising, creative, technology and start-up industries – and understands the agency scene. It's probably the only chance you'll have this year to pick a senior lawyer's brains without being handed a bill afterwards!

                  Ian Miller

                  CEO, Crafted

                  How do you crack the "culture" code? Ian Miller's agency Crafted just hit #25 on the Sunday Times' top 100 best companies to work for. Ian will be leading a discussion on you how you can make your agency a great place to work. (And no, you don't have to dish out Touchbar MacBooks!)

                    Lisa Mandell, Andy Brown & Matt Lacey

                    Waypoint Partners

                    Do you plan to sell your agency some day? What should you be doing today to put yourself in the best position to exit tomorrow? Waypoint Partners' Lisa Mandell, Matt Lacey and Andy Brown will be leading a campfire session on getting your agency ready for a sale – whenever that might be.

                      Amy & Danny

                      NeoMam Studios

                      Danny Ashton almost shut down NeoMam. He was burnt out and overworked, constantly fighting the same battles. Everything depended on him. But then another agency owner mentioned a book called Entrepreneur Operating System. It's a playbook for running your agency. It gives you a way to set goals, hire staff, and make decisions. Crucially, it removes you from day-to-day operations so you can actually lead. Danny and NeoMam MD Amy will be running a campfire session on how EOS works for them, and whether it's something that will help your agency. If you feel like your agency is still dependent on you, attending this is a really smart use of your time.

                        Matt Dyment

                        Director, Entourage

                        Why are you losing pitches? Today, brands expect a more consultative approach in new business meetings. In this insightful talk and campfire session, Entourage's Matt Dyment will be explaining how brands actually want you to pitch to them. Together with his team, he'll explain how to structure your pitch meetings to unearth a client’s core challenges – so you can spend the meeting talking about those.

                          How we pick speakers

                          The thought process behind our line-up

                          Hi! I’m Ian – I organise Agency Summit.

                          My theory with this conference is that what agency leaders need most is inspiration, not information.

                          When you run an agency you already know broadly what you should be doing to be successful. Whatever the missing link is, it’s probably not in the “10 top tips” format.

                          So I try to get people along who’ve ‘been there’ – and lived to tell the story.

                          They stand up and share their journey and what they’ve learned, and stick around to answer your questions. Everybody there takes away something slightly different, depending on their agency. One lightbulb moment can pay for your ticket a hundred times over.

                          You don’t leave the conference overwhelmed with a brand new to-do list. You go back to the office inspired and energised to do whatever it is you need to do to get your business where it should be.

                          Hope you can join us on August 3rd.