Speakers and sessions

9.30am – Welcome and introduction

9.45am – “We Need to Talk About Profit – Practical Ways to Maximise Your Profit”
Miles Welch – Partner, Waypoint Partners

There’s an old joke in business: “We lose money on every sale, but we make it up on volume.” It reminds me of how many agencies are run today.

In this practical talk, Waypoint partner Miles Welch talks about the need to plan for profit – and why you might need to change your commercial mindset to succeed.

10.15am – The Blue Ocean Strategy
Jim Lewcock, CEO – The Specialist Works

Jim built an agency that bills £100m a year, and he credits the ‘Blue Ocean strategy’ for challenging everything he thought he knew about growth.

In this fascinating talk, Jim shares the insights he’s applied from the Blue Ocean strategy – and shares ideas for how you can use it to make the competition irrelevant.

10.45am – Selling your agency
Lisa Myers, Founder – Verve Search

Lisa recently sold her agency Verve Search to Omnicom Group. Lisa will share the surprising story behind her sale. There are some interesting lessons to learn from her journey (and, being a SEO, she has the data to back up what she says.)

11.15am – 11.40am – Coffee Break
Roam the gardens and take a selfie with a flamingo. (Don’t fall in the pond!)

11.40am – How Your Thoughts Affect Your Agency
Martin Palethorpe – Pragma Group

Everyone knows that the mind is vital to achieving your true potential in sport. It’s the same when you run an agency. But most of us do nothing to maximise its.

In this eye-opening talk, Martin Palethorpe will share an ‘operating manual’ for the human mind – and why your own thinking is the foundational factor that impacts your agency’s productivity, creativity and confidence.


Agency Leader Panel

12:10pm: Tudor Garden

Our panelists:

In this enlightening and interactive agency discussion, we’ll be covering a range of pressing topics that matter to agency leaders now – like productising your offering, getting a grip on diversity, changing your offering, launching into a new marketplace, and more.

Lunch and networking

1pm – 2pm

Enjoy a great lunch alongside other agency leaders in the gorgeous gardens. This isn’t your regular conference grub – The Roof Gardens does really good food. We do cater for all dietary requirements, so we’ll reach out to you nearer the time to get those. (We didn’t have many veggies last time – what’s wrong with you people?)


2pm – 4pm: Various locations

Campfire sessions are intimate discussions and surgeries that take place around the venue, led by a carefully chosen expert on that subject. You can drop in and join the discussion – or just lurk and learn.

Campfire 1 – Agency Diversity (Silver Bar)
Are you holding the women in your agency back in subtle ways? Today, 88% of young female creatives say they lack role models, and 50% are already thinking of leaving the industry. In this discussion, Ali Hanan of Creative Equals helps you get hip to gender roadblocks – from breaking down biases in your talent management, to removing barriers in your workplace. Thought-provoking and enlightening.

This session is facilitated by Sally Henderson.

Campfire 2 – Growth Surgery (Moo Room)
They say growth cures all ills. In this session, Waypoint Partners’ Andy Maher and Matt Lacey will be leading you through a session on agency growth. Andy and Matt will be sharing what’s working in terms of agency growth and answering your questions. Waypoint works with many, many agencies – so it’s a great opportunity to run your situation past a team who’ve probably seen your situation before.

Campfire 3 – Making Remote Teams Work (Tudor Marquee)
Where do you stand on remote working? Digi Nut founder Danny Bull has turned remote teams into a competitive advantage – with one of his best employees working full time from a small Welsh village. In this campfire, Danny shares the challenges of making a distributed team work.

This session is facilitated by seasoned agency veteran Ray Edun.

Campfire 4 – Handing Over the Agency Reins (Tudor Marquee)
What’s your succession plan? This year, 3SidedCube founder Duncan Cook stepped back from the business – and Richard Strachan stepped up from Head of Production to become MD. In this session, you’ll hear from Duncan on what happens when a founder hands over the reins….the good and the bad! If you ever want to step back from your business, this will be a useful session to attend.

Campfire 5 – Changing the Game (Tudor Marquee)

The key to changing the level of the game we’re playing as agency leaders is dependent on our ability to have insights. Success comes from a handful of bright & brilliant insights; and an ability to execute with clear focused collective minds.
In this fascinating session, Martin Palethorpe will talk about the mind – providing the secret sauce to enable your coming year to be a Game Changer. He’ll discuss where ideas come from – and how to rid yourself of the mental head-trash that can sabotage you and the people around you.
Campfire 6 – What is AI, anyway? (Mosaic room)
Take part in what might be the world’s first down-to-earth, hype-free discussion on AI and machine learning. In this session, Eamonn Carey of Techstars will help you to understand what the hell AI is – and how you might be able to leverage it as an agency.

Is it something you can build into your workflow? Or just something to throw into a pitch deck to make you sound cutting edge? (Come on – we’ve all thought it.) Eamonn is currently leading investments in many early stage companies that using AI in all sorts of mind-blowing ways – so he’s in the perfect position to help you figure out what AI means to you.

Campfire 7 – What’s Your Blue Ocean? (Mosaic room)

Following on from Jim Lewcock’s talk, Blue Ocean expert John Riker will give you ideas for how you can apply the strategy to your agency.
Agency Hotseats

4pm – 5pm

Don’t bring problems, bring solutions. Well, not in this session! In this part of the afternoon, we put delegates in an informal hotseat. They describe an agency challenge, situation or decision they’re facing and open it up for discussion – unpicking, dissecting and hopefully solving their problem using the collective weight of experience in the room.

Post-conference drinks

5pm until late

Drinks! We’re heading to the Prince of Wales in Kensington to continue the fun. It’s a 3 or 4 minute walk.

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